Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mom and Her Bastard Sons, Yogyakarta, 2006

This is another highlight of my performing life. In 2006 during my Asia Link Residency in Indonesia I met a performance artist, Ronald Aprian. He invited me to come to Jogja and said he could help find artists for me to work with.  I turned up not long after to meet with a group of artist/ musicians who were all studying at ISI, Jogja's famous art school. I handed out  some of my poems to these guys, most of whom were in two noise bands called Black Ribbon and Sentimental Au Go Go plus a couple of sound/DJ artists, Phyto and Latex and percussionist Gurit. We were all a bit unsure at first but when they found out my fave artists were Patti Smith, Nico and Poly Styrene and the X Ray Specs I think they knew what direction we could take. We decided to aim for a performance a couple of weeks hence and Krisna came up with a name for our project - Mom and Her Bastard Sons.   Brilliant yes  - as it turned our age difference (they were all in their early twenties) into a win/win, enabling me to be a cool errant mum/mentor to my very cool wayward boys.
I left to work on other projects and returned 10 days later for rehearsals and a one off performance at Homesick Bar Blues Bar on Jalan Tirtodipuran. It was a LOT of fun!

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