Saturday, March 16, 2013

Festival Pix

After beginning her career as an actor at La Mama and The Pram Factory in Melbourne, Jan Cornall began performing her original cabaret works with pianist Elizabeth Drake at the Adelaide Fringe Festival in the early 80's. More recently she has read and performed her work at literary and performance art festivals in the Asia Pacific region. Below are some festival pics from the past decade.

2015: A performance of songs and poems from her collection, Archipelagogo - Love Songs to Indonesia, at Irrawaddy Literary Festival, Mandalay, Burma.

2013: Irrawaddy Literary Festival,  Feb 1-3, Burma. Performance with Burmese poets at the boathouse venue, Inya Lake Hotel. Jan collaborated with poet Nyein Way.

 2012:  Performed reading at Asia Pacific Writers Conference, Bangkok.

2012: Northern Kingdoms Poetry Festival, Siem Reap, Cambodia.

2011: Trentenalle Merigar Festival, Tuscany, Italy.

2010. Hong Kong International Literary Festival, Asia Pacific Writers Conference, Hong Kong.

2009: Open Art Festival Beijing.

2009:Mata Air Festival, Salatiga, Indonesia.
Ubud Writers Festival (Borobodur with Triyanto Triwikromo), Utan Kayu Literary Biennale,
Women Playwrights International Conference Mumbai,

2008:  OzAsia Festival, Adelaide, Perfurbance Jogjakarta,Reality Bites Festival Noosa,
Gang Festival, Sydney.

2007: Perfurbance, Jogjakarta.
Awakening Global Action, Bali.
2006: Ubud Writers Festival, Perfurbance #2.

2005: Ubud Writers Festival, St Kilda Writers Festival, Two Fires Festival. Braidwood

Darwin Wordstorm, Global Healing Conference Bali. Utan Kayu Literary Biennale Indonesia.
2004: Ubud Writers Festival.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Escape From A Better Place

 Escape was written on a theatre Board Fellowship, was workshopped by Playworks and had four productions in the late 80's : Interact Theatre Canberra, Melbourne Universal Theatre, Albury, Newcastle Playhouse  and was adapted for ABC Radio Drama in 2000.


Sunday morning - two characters, George (career woman) and Georgy (house husband) have locked the kids (they don't remember how many they have) out of their bedroom until 11 am so they can have 'special mummy and daddy'. Exhausted from the week G&G fall in and out of sleep and conversation in a bid to 'connect'. At the same time each is trying to escape while the other sleeps.
They have disconnected conversations like

GEORGE - Put your sock on
GEORGE - Put your sock on
GEORGE - Put your sock on!


GEORGY - do you want peanut butter or vegemite?
GEORGE - huh
GEORGY - do you want peanut butter or vegemite?
GEORGE  - huh
GOERGY - do you want peanut butter or vegemite!!!


GEORGE - I love you
GEORGE - No, what I mean is I really love you.
GEORGY - Uh huh
GEORGE - I love you in a way you probably wouldnt understand
GEORGY - Uh huh
GEORGE - I should hate you I know you so well. But I don’t. I love you.
GEORGY - Uh huh
GEORGE - I love all the things I hate about you. God, I’d hate you to love all the things you hate about me, but then you probably do don’t you?
GEORGY -Uh huh
GEORGE - So you’re not leaving?  You’ll stay?
GEORGY - Uh huh

(c) Jan Cornall 1987