Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Indonesian Spontan

This is a great example of Indonesian spontan. I arrived that morning at Gampingan in Jogjakarta where all the Performance Klub artists were hanging out and Made Suryadharma said he needed some performers for his piece which was opening the Jogja Gallery exhibition that night. So we tossed around some ideas and this was the end result.
Made had made a bed that was completely covered in  a plastic photo design of garbage. Rio (white face to my left) and I entered and sat on the bed watching a television screen playing Gore's documentary The Inconvenient Truth. I had with me a bag of MacDonalds food ( fries and fillet of fish was the best I could do) and proceeded to eat it and simultaneously throw it up at the same time while continuing to watch the screen with a deadpan no interest expression. I can't remember what Rio was doing (singing?), then Louie and Made entered with guns they had made from plastic bottles and had a pretend gun battle killing each other off and collapsing on the bed. I kept eating and vomiting and swallowing my food back again.

At some point Rio and I got up and left leaving the boys on the bed as the crowds moved onto the next exhibit. the fascinating thing for me was watching Rio prepare amd perform. It was like looking at myself decades ago - the whiteface, the way she dressed, moved, spoke. I saw my 19 year old self as I must have looked when I was working in experimental performance with Tribe at La Mama and around town in public places in Melbourne in the late 60's. As if this picture below shows my two selves - young woman, older woman - and on the bed (front), my graphic artist son, Louie who joined me on this trip.

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